Mid-life Make Over

My goal in writing this is to not only help myself, but to hopefully reach another person struggling through life like I am. I don’t want to present myself on here as a perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect homeschooler, homesteader, homemaker, etc. That is so far from the truth! So often I fall in to … More Mid-life Make Over

Using Cedarwood Oil in Your Home and Garden

Cedarwood oil has a warm, woodsy scent that promotes a relaxing environment when used topically or aromatically. Often referred to as Cedar oil, this essential oil is both unique and useful. There are many types of cedar trees, but all are coniferous, evergreen trees from the cypress family. Native to cold climates, Cedarwood thrives in high … More Using Cedarwood Oil in Your Home and Garden

Pigs in Action

Here’s a little look at feeding time! Pigs LOVE to eat! So much so, Mama Pig will actually use her snout to flip babies out of the way, as in send them flying through the air! We feed them non-gmo corn and apparently it is addictive and much preferred to all the plants and weeds … More Pigs in Action