Starbucks and the Overly Offended

I am sure enough has already been said about the current Starbucks Christmas cups. Regardless, I am throwing my two cents out there!


starbucks“Happy is the man who is not easily offended.”

That is to anyone and everyone. The fact is, there really are things to take offense to in the world but the color or design of a cup is truly low on the list!

Here is my real problem with Starbucks and Christians who have ruled this an important issue: if you don’t like the cup, don’t buy the overpriced coffee. That was simple! Truly though, I have a bigger issue with the Christians who frequent the joint in the first place. And while I have no right to tell anyone else what to do, it’s my blog and I can tell you my opinion. So here goes!

Starbuck’s is a direct contributor to Planned Parenthood. For a full list of other companies, you can check out A wise friend of mine said:

“How big is the gap between the practice of responsible holy justice and “feeling bad” about something that’s happening in our world?

A practical first step…evaluating our daily caffeine stop shop or where we pick up our office or home improvement supplies, even if means added inconvenience, self-control, extra planning, or more money.”

I saw this recent Facebook meme circulating yesterday,


It was in response to the Starbucks cup debate. I absolutely agree with it. My personal problem though lies in the fact that many who posted this went on to say they would still be enjoying those expensive coffees daily! How many people could you feed or clothe if you GAVE UP that coffee or treat every day, or even once a week? I am not trying to point fingers or throw someone out there to shame. I too indulge in things I could give up in order to give more. I am trying to do that more and more. If we all tried harder, just think of the difference it could make in the world!

I honestly get tired of the age of political correctness and being offended at every turn. We have the beautiful right to boycott or avoid any establishment we do not want to support (other than my tax money that is forcibly taken and given to fund activities I do not approve of). Whether you are a homosexual who does not agree with Chik-fil-A’s stance on marriage or a Christian who wishes Starbucks had a more Christ centered cup (by the way, the CEO has made it quite clear he is not Christian so this really should not be a shocker to anyone that his cups do not have a nativity scene), you have the right to NOT buy from that business! Money speaks louder than words, especially when your words or actions make you look foolish.

There are issues in our world that should upset you. Let me direct you to just a few….(notice coffee cups aren’t on the list 😉 )

-Babies being harvested alive for parts

-sex trafficking


-child abuse

-Christians being imprisoned and killed for their beliefs

“It is impossible that no offenses should come…”NKJV. Those were the words of Jesus to His disciples. Offense will surely come! Our attitude towards offense determines the effect it will have on us. We can control our attitude and response. As Christians, we are to put our trust in God not in man or things. Trusting in God enables us not to be offended, knowing that man is limited but God can still perfect the situation.


One thought on “Starbucks and the Overly Offended

  1. I rarely frequent Starbucks anymore.. and have learned to make a better Chai tea at home for about 1/15th of the cost! 🙂 Great blog post Sally!!!


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