My first idea for the name of this blog was “Farm Wife Failure.” Some days that is exactly how I feel! We moved from the city to a small farm homestead in 2013. We had read all the “Little House on the Prairie” novels, quite a few Joel Salatin books, watched Food, Inc. and already practiced with backyard chickens and small gardens, how hard could it be??? Let’s just say, I have had a fair share of flops! I hope to share my experiences here with the hope that it a) may help you, or b) make you laugh along with me. My husband raises chickens, bees and pigs that are free from toxins, corruption and cruelty. His information can be found at http://www.regionalseasonal.com.

So, what does a farm wife do? We are homeschooling our two children so part of my day consists of enriching growing minds! The rest is probably similar to all stay at home moms….cooking, cleaning, errands, etc. with a little more dirt added in! I am branching out experimenting with soap making, gardening, canning and more as well as milking a cow in the near future!

Our inspiration: “The Earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof;” Therefore, we see our role in the fullness of creation as stewards, not consumers. We desire to build up our community by empowering its members with good health, knowledge, and freedom by producing nutrient rich food, teaching others what we have learned, and building a system that increases the freedom and faith of our community.




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