Pigs in Action

Here’s a little look at feeding time! Pigs LOVE to eat! So much so, Mama Pig will actually use her snout to flip babies out of the way, as in send them flying through the air! We feed them non-gmo corn and apparently it is addictive and much preferred to all the plants and weeds … More Pigs in Action

Farm Casserole

The original farm casserole recipe came from my mother and she used ground beef, which is also good! But one night we were out of beef so I reached for the ground sausage. It gave a little more kick to the taste and we now make it with sausage every time! In case you don’t … More Farm Casserole

This little piggy

Job 12:10 The life of every creature and the breath of all people are in God’s hand.” (NCV) The birth of babies is always a joyous day, even if they are pig babies! We now have 30 piglets, which is not something I ever imagined saying. The pig is one of those animals, to me, … More This little piggy